Medico-Legal Reporting

Our Services


 We accept joint, claimant and defence instructions and can advise regarding:

  • Functional ability with reference to pre-injury ability and potential future ability.
  • Recommended rehabilitation and potential improvement.
  • On-going and future physiotherapy needs.
  • Cost of ongoing physiotherapy input.
  • Specialist rehabilitation and mobility equipment needs.
  • Capital and annual costs of specialist therapy equipment.
  • Adaptations/suitability of living environment.
  • Recommendation for further expert reports outside our expertise.




Fees vary depending on the complexity of the case and report and the location of the client. A written quotation for an assessment and full report will be provided if required.

This quotation will be broken down into an hourly rate for document review, travel, accommodation (if required) and report writing. The hourly rate is also applicable for the answering of questions, further reports, expert meetings and court attendance.


Instructing us


We accept written or emailed instructions complient with Practice Direction Part 35. Please provide as much information as possible with your instruction:

  • The capacity of appointment.
  • The services required of the expert.
  • Purpose of the report.
  • Issues to be addressed.
  • Previous expert reports.
  • Any witness statements.
  • Relevant orders.
  • Any other background information.
  • All medical records (paginated if possible).

For expert paginating of medical records we recommend

Professional Paginating Services